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Need inspiration for your new hair style?

At Signature Hair Design we have been following and styling the latest trends for more than a decade now. We draw inspiration for hairstyles from everywhere and still manage to create unique styles daily. As hairstylist in Whangarei our hair styles, colours and designs are unique to every customer and their testimonies speak for themselves.

Do you need your hair styled for a special occasion?

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Your wedding or being a bridesmaid at your best friends wedding? No matter what the occasion is, your birthday, your first school ball or getting pictures taken for your latest business venture. Signature Hair Design can help! We enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and hair styles as much as you do, so here are our top ‘hairspiration’ picks. All images sourced from Pinterest. View our boards here.

Stuck with your low-maintenance hair style?

Time for a new style? You like your low-maintenance hair style but would like to get a change? Don’t worry, we can help! Get in touch with your favourite hairstylist in Whangarei now, we at Signature Hair Design love to find the solution to your styling problem!

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Short Funky Hair

Mens Hair

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